VoIP or Landline – What’s Better?

VoIP has become increasingly popular in the recent years because it allows for increased mobility, provides additional features and fewer costs. You can forward your calls anywhere there’s an internet connection. That means you can connect phone calls to virtual team members who may be working at remote locations without the expense of long distance charges.

VoIP call quality can be just as good as landline call quality, depending on the quality and speed of the available internet connection.

Landlines are still necessary for some industries. For instance, ATMs, pay-at-the-pump gas stations, and 911 operating centers still rely on landlines. Choice of service provider and technology, VoIP versus landline, is a choice that can be made by each business individually based on it’s business requirements.

Features and Benefits of a VoIP

Boost productivity
Do business anywhere by operating in multiple locations and connect easily with audio and video conferencing.

Be available
Answer every call by giving customers a single local and toll-free number to reach you and your team.

Improve customer service
Help customers find who they’re looking for, with custom greetings and a call directory. Call monitoring helps you continually improve the customer experience.

Adapt with your business
Easy to set up and easy to manage, change your service as your business grows by adjusting your services based on seasonality and projects.

Manage costs
Keep costs down with a low upfront investment, no fixed contracts, and per user pricing.

Expand your market
Boost your local market presence with access to local phone numbers and a toll-free number that makes it easy for customers nationwide to reach you.

Wireless City offers Canadian small and medium-sized business TELUS Business Connect, a VoIP phone system that is more flexible, and easier to manage than a traditional phone system. TELUS Business Connect solution adapts to the unique needs of your business, and eliminates the need for phone system hardware.

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