VoIP adds new communications features your business needs to survive and thrive.

In today’s hyper-connected world, employees demand an entirely new realm of communication features that last century’s PBX systems were never designed to support. Consider mobility. According to a 2015 study conducted by Citrix and Forrester, 85% of employees use a mobile device for work. That figure will only grow in coming years.

And yet most traditional PBX systems, with their hardwired infrastructures, can’t easily accommodate the needs of an increasingly wireless, mobile world.

With PBX, executing a BYOD strategy is a painful endeavor. Using these systems, it’s often not feasible to bring even such basic communications features such as “find-me follow-me” call forwarding and voicemail notification to mobile devices.

Beyond mobile, traditional PBX also makes it hard to incorporate other popular features such as video conferencing and Presence, or to extend communications into other business applications. For example, sales and support staff are far more productive when the CRM applications they rely on are “communications-enabled,” with built-in web dialing and automatic communicationslogging capabilities. However, adding such features with traditional systems, when it’s possible at all, often requires expensive customization and professional services. New features may also be tied to hardware, which limits choice and increases costs.

Cloud communications support whatever features employees and customers want—today and down the road.

The versatility and agility of cloud communications make them ideally suited for deploying the full range of features that empower people to be more productive and effective anywhere business takes them. In a cloudbased system, even highly sophisticated features such as mobile collaboration, hot desking, call monitoring (barge, monitor, whisper), and CRM integrations, are readily accessible and simple to use.

What’s more, cloud solutions enable seamless, continuous communications experiences. For example, from a single application and a single workflow, employees can easily locate contacts, check Presence, and access click-to-chat, click-to-call or even click-to collaborate features.

And unlike legacy PBX, cloud communications make it easy for companies to deploy new features centrally and remotely over the Internet, and with minimal IT assistance. In addition, with cloud systems, new features support a corporate BYOD strategy, substantially reducing IT costs.

Source: WhitePaper: Your PBX Is Killing Your Business.

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