TELUS’ Network VPN

Network and Security

TELUS’ Network VPN

Support multiple applications through one secure configuration.

TELUS’ Network VPN solution creates an IPSEC virtual private network between the TELUS wireless network and your organization. Network VPN is a scalable solution that supports remote access and private data communication by using encryption and tunnelling to authenticate and secure data being transmitted to and from wireless devices over the Internet.

The benefits of Network VPN include:

  • Low-cost managed connectivity that can leverage your existing IPSEC infrastructure.
  • Secure data transmissions across the Internet.
  • No client VPN software to maintain, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Hardware-based encryption to reduce latency compared to client software-based encryption.
  • Private static IP address (public static IP address available).
  • Available on Canada’s fastest coast-to-coast 4G network.

Available for medium and large businesses.