Telus Mobile Security

Telus Mobile Security

Protect corporate data on your fleet of mobile devices.

TELUS Mobile Security is a cloud-based, simple-to-use security application for your mobile devices.

Protect sensitive corporate data on smartphones and tablets from viruses, malware and other security concerns. TELUS Mobile Security makes it easy to remotely access, secure and manage a fleet of mobile devices.

TELUS Mobile Security is ideal for businesses that:

  • have employees with smartphones or tablets that carry sensitive corporate data—TELUS Mobile Security protects data across multiple platforms, including iOS, Blackberry and Android
  • need security against loss or theft—mobile device management provides GPS locate and remote lock-and-wipe for each device
  • want a mobile security solution that is seamless and flexible—TELUS Mobile Security runs in the background, without changing the user experience on the mobile device
  • have an IT administrator who can centrally manage the application over multiple devices.

Available for small, medium and large businesses.