TELUS FieldWorker Solutions

TELUS FieldWorker Solution

FieldWorker is a complete enterprise mobility solution that enables enterprises across all markets to automate their field service workflows by eliminating paper-based tasks.

FieldWorker by Fleet Complete is a complete enterprise mobility solution that enables enterprises to create digital forms for their mobile workforce to automate paper-based tasks in the field. It helps eliminate unnecessary administration and streamlines operations by optimizing your workflow.

The FieldWorker mobile platform is designed specifically for the unique demands of the enterprise; enabling organizations to design, configure, manage, modify and deploy mobile forms across multiple hardware platforms. Our architecture allows for workers to complete tasks and work orders out in the field regardless of connectivity.

Built and designed for enterprise level applications, FieldWorker’s ability to provide robust connectivity with back office solutions is accomplished through our powerful API; allowing for bi-directional flow of information between the office and the mobile user and in turn giving office personnel and managers real-time visibility into what is happening out in the field. Unlike traditional paper forms, FieldWorker offer an endless amount of in-depth features such as geo-coding the location of forms, capturing images, barcode scanning, electronic signatures, time and date stamps, complex business logic, validation rules and much more. Eliminate unnecessary administration associated with task-based paperwork and automate your business with FieldWorker.

Cut through the clutter and help your enterprise improve business efficiencies

Optimize your workflow processes through automation on consumer and rugged mobile devices
Unlimited configurable forms with unlimited data inputs
Seamless field data management while integrating into your enterprise back office system
Rapid automation to meet any complex business needs
Easy user inputs eliminates errors and increases data reliability
Increase data visibility to get accurate data, instantly

The FieldWorker mobile solution will seamlessly automate any area within your enterprise:

• Work order & Asset management
• Time sheets & Schedule management
• Billing, Invoicing & Quotes
• Inspections, Preventative maintenance, Chain of custody and much more

Additional benefits:

• Capture images, Signatures, Barcode scanning, RFID, Mobile printing & Sketching capabilities
• Real-time messaging & GPS location tracking