Telus Business Internet

Telus Business Internet

High-performance Internet connectivity



Internet connectivity is your cornerstone for business success – a fundamental building block that allows you to stand out from your competition. Your customers depend on your services and the Web-based applications you use need to be based on a solid foundation.

Your business already uses the Internet to routinely transfer documents. E-mail has become a vital tool. The World Wide Web, intranets and extranets have made procurement, shipping and other essential tasks faster and easier than ever before. The Internet has become as important to your business as the phone. At TELUS, we think it should also be just as reliable. TELUS Business Internet bolsters your competitive advantage by helping your organization:

Consolidate your Internet traffic.

With TELUS Business Internet, you gain a single, TELUS-managed connection that eliminates multiple dial-up and high-speed accounts.

Maintain your strategic focus.

Implementing, managing and supporting Internet access yourself can be difficult, costly and time consuming. By having TELUS look after your Internet services, your employees can focus on core business operations. TELUS is a single point of contact – your one-stop shop for Internet solutions, saving time and effort for your in-house staff.

Increase revenues.

Seamless connectivity to the global marketplace allows you to explore new revenue growth opportunities.

Enhance efficiency.

Integrated multimedia applications require greater networking capabilities. TELUS Business Internet delivers this capability – at lower cost – through the use of a single converged access for intranet and Internet applications.