Telus Alert and Assist

TELUS Alert and Assist

Protect your greatest asset – your employees and gain peace of mind with TELUS Alert and Assist solutions and help improve the safety of your mobile workers by always knowing where they are. Our solutions also help your business comply with Federal and Provincial health and safety legislation.

Features and benefits

Mobile worker tracking

Immediately access the current location of your mobile workers from any Web-enabled computer.
In an emergency, mobile workers can send an alert message with the touch of a button, providing their current location to one or more pre-defined contacts.†


Workers can set customized check-in schedules with proactive reminders. If a check-in is missed, an alert is triggered.


View historical location data, worker login/logout, triggered alerts, check-in schedules and much more.

No-motion alerts

Alert notifications triggered for man-down situations.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Workers can send alerts, start/end shifts, set check-in schedule and much more from any phone. The system automatically dials workers and supervisors when a check-in is missed using flexible scheduling options.

24/7 monitoring (optional)

Choose to have your mobile workers’ status monitored by a third party Monitoring Centre. This professional and dedicated monitoring service will call contacts or dispatch emergency response personnel as required.