Secure IP Anywhere

Network and Security

Secure IP Anywhere

Helps to securely take your desktop virtually anywhere

To IT managers, mobile worker devices and remote wireless machines now represent their corporate network’s security perimeter. TELUS provides an end-to-end private networking solution that helps to enhance security for corporate networks that support both mobile workers and/or remote wireless machines.

TELUS Secure IP Anywhere helps mobile workers access their corporate network via a direct, private, and secure connection. The solution eliminates the requirement to use the public Internet and therefore eliminates the security concerns inherent in use of the public Internet.
Enhances wireless network security, customized for any type of organization

Medium to large businesses:

  • Mobile workers can now run applications such as CRM, inventory management, and invoicing on the go from nearly anywhere.

Public safety:

  • Helps securely access records, manage data, monitor surveillance cameras, and view maps.
  • All this can be done remotely and securely from vehicles, either en route or while at the scene of the emergency.

Resource sector:

  • Help exchange geometric or run mapping applications with other mobile users and remote offices.
  • Ideal for machine-to-machine devices and applications.

Healthcare and education:

  • Allows mobile workers to collaborate remotely through videoconferencing, Telehealth applications, and library functions at home or even at patient locations.

Financial services:

  • Companies can use TELUS Secure IP Anywhere to wirelessly communicate with their corporate networks and make transactions while at customer locations with more confidence in the security of data transmission.