Maintain communications at all times, even during unforeseen disasters and events with a VoIP Solution

Of the many shortcomings of traditional PBX systems, their lack of adequate disaster recovery and business continuity may be the most serious. On-site legacy systems are not designed to provide continuous connectivity in the event of outages from natural disasters and other events.

For example, disruptions due to aging PBX infrastructure components, transportation strikes, and major construction projects can shut down all or part of a PBX system without warning. The costs from service disruptions can be severe, ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour. Moreover, communications failures can place employees and customers at risk and cause lasting damage to your company’s brand and reputation.

With a cloud communications system, your business stays connected. Cloud VoIP assures high availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity by design. Unlike traditional on-site PBX, there is no single point of failure in a cloud implementation.

Instead, the best cloud communications systems are hosted on redundant, geographically dispersed data centers. If one server in one part of the world fails, connections are continuously maintained on other mirrored servers in the system, so there are no service disruptions. In the event of a loss of Internet connectivity, for example during fires, earthquakes, or severe weather, calls in a cloud-based system can automatically route to mobile phones. No matter what happens, employees can still connect with customers using their business number.

In addition, if headquarters locations go offline, cloud VoIP offers the flexibility to connect via the Internet remotely (e.g., via a Web browser and desktop and mobile apps from home or branch locations).

Source: WhitePaper: Your PBX Is Killing Your Business.

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