GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

TELUS Fleet Tracking Solutions at Wireless City. Wireless City inc offers TELUS Fleet Tracker a comprehensive GPS tracking and real-time fleet monitoring. It helps business owners increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing accurate times of arrivals for deliveries and prevents aggressive driving. By having visibility into your fleet’s driving behaviour, your business can reduce fuel and insurance cost while maintaining a lean and efficient fleet size.

TELUS Fleet Tracker An easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solution that provides visibility and insight over your assets and workforce in real-time.

Tackle Common Fleet Issues:

  • Monitor excessive speed; it is dangerous and is costing you in maintenance fees and increased fuel consumption.
  • Track long idle times; idling seems insignificant in grand scheme of all business strategies, but at the end of the day could bring in a hefty fuel bill.
  • Proactively manage vehicle maintenance; schedule regular emission tests and prolong the life of your vehicles.
  • Track the location of your vehicles: know that your assets and your workforce are in the right place all the time.

Key benefits for your business:

you can manage your fleet proactively and respond to your customer needs faster and with increased accuracy. Get more out of your field staff instantly after a simple do-it-yourself installation with plug-and-play solution or a pro installation depending on what problems you want our software to solve.

Get more with less

The Fleet Tracker also improves your operational efficiencies because you are able to monitor, on your desk/lap top, tablet or smart phone, information from the field with our easy-to-use software. When you see what you’ve been missing you can reduce such things as idle time, off-hours driving, payroll and paid overtime. It also reduces wasted time due to increased driver and dispatch efficiency and enhances mobile worker management.

Prevent tampering

The MGS150 features a standard onboard back-up battery that prevents anyone from tampering with the vehicle’s power. It will alert you of power-loss and track activity for up to 2 hours afterwards. When power is lost the built-in backup battery supports tracking until power is restored. And the back-up battery recharges automatically.

Know how your drivers behave

The MGS150 includes an on-board accelerometer that enables you to monitor your driver’s behavior, including harsh braking, rapid acceleration and hard cornering. You can use your behavior data to hold drivers accountable: save fuel, extend vehicle life and improve safety. Aggressive driving can decrease fuel mileage. Curbing it can save you money