Gain critical visibility and insight into your communications with a VoIP Solution

When it comes to gauging the effectiveness of business communications, traditional PBX implementations leave you in the dark. They offer little in the way of reporting or analysis. For starters, the fragmented, proprietary nature of these patchwork systems makes it very difficult to perform analysis.

What scant insights you can extract from legacy technology are so slow and cumbersome to produce and so piecemeal as to be all but unusable in any practical sense. Without access to timely, relevant data, you lack critical insight and accountability over your investments in your communication systems. With a cloud-based platform, you can glean profitable insights from all your communications. In contrast to legacy systems, cloud communications are cohesive across the full spectrum of individual services. They also use open technologies, so they integrate readily with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

With the visibility and transparency you get from cloud communications, you can replace hunches and guesswork with datadriven insight to make more informed business decisions.

To get the most from analytics, consider cloud-based platforms that offer versatile interactive dashboards and custom reports. They enable you to monitor and track such aspects as active calls, unreturned calls, agent performance, and call queue status, allowing you to quickly identify areas that need improvement.

Source: WhitePaper: Your PBX Is Killing Your Business.

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Business Phone Services and Collaboration

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