Eliminate disjointed, inefficient multi-vendor communications

Most legacy communications systems are comprised of separate solutions for essential capabilities—often involving multiple vendors.

A typical system might include a PBX for core call control, and different solutions for services such as instant messaging (IM), directory/Presence, web collaboration, video conferencing, and contact center solutions.

Even companies hoping to centralize communications on one vendor, such as Cisco, find that in order to meet all of their needs, they still must deploy individual solutions, such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager, WebEx, Jabber, and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise. Disjointed capabilities such as these can have a crippling effect on the productivity and effectiveness of your entire organization. For example:

• Point solutions offer little cross-platform integration. As a result, business users encounter inconsistent experiences from one solution to the next, and often have to enter multiple passwords to access different services.
• The siloed, multi-vendor nature of legacy systems introduces complexity at every turn—from deployment to management, and maintenance to troubleshooting.
• Disconnected communications result in slow response times that erode customer satisfaction, diminish sales, and reduce revenues.
• Vendor lock-in for devices and infrastructure trap you into paying more over time to replace components as they become out-of-date or deteriorate.

Source: WhitePaper: Your PBX Is Killing Your Business.

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