Easily scale communications as your business grows

Traditional communications platforms are too rigid to accommodate growth. As businesses undergo mergers and acquisitions, move offices, launch new international locations, and hire new teleworkers, your communications must be able to adapt quickly.

Regrettably, that’s not an option with on-premises PBX. Scaling services on these systems can be slow, laborintensive, and expensive, involving countless nests of wires, routers, and switches. For example, think of the time and resources it currently takes you to administer moves, adds, and changes (MACs) for employees in just one location. Now imagine having to do the same for multiple locations spread across the globe, each with its own on-premises solutions and unique needs.

A cloud-based system gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust communications capacity to precisely match the needs of your enterprise at all times.

Cloud VoIP enables far greater business agility than traditional systems. Add new lines, phones, and locations whenever you need. Or disconnect them. Cloud systems require only a public Internet connection—while also supporting MPLS and private network connections. So there are no phone wires to run and no infrastructure to nurse. All the complexity moves off premises, off your plate, and into the cloud. Whether you’re opening a new office in Boise or Berlin, employees can have sophisticated communications services in a matter of weeks versus several months.

And because cloud systems often combine multiple capabilities, you can rapidly scale not only phone services, but everything your enterprise requires— phones, conferencing, contact center, unified communications, and mobile capabilities—incrementally or all at once.

Source: WhitePaper: Your PBX Is Killing Your Business.

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