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When it comes to phones for your business, you’ve always had a choice. Either a business phone line or two, or if your business is growing and you need something more complex, a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which requires physical hardware that must be professionally installed. Now, there’s another highly cost-effective option that’s changing the […]

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It’s official: Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest “phablet” — half phone, half tablet – and it’s the Galaxy Note 7. Even though it’s technically the 6th Note in as many years, this 5.7-inch Android-powered device shares its namesake with Samsung’s Galaxy 7 and S7. After spending some time with the all-new Note, […]

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Landline telephones were once the only game in town. But busy entrepreneurs are discovering that voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) phones are offering additional choice and greater flexibility, while helping them become more competitive. “Small business owners are spending more time working at home and on the road,” says Craig Thornton, director of product marketing at Telus. […]

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Sales is a people business, but that doesn’t mean that tools can’t help you work more efficiently. Data, automation and integrations can make your work easier, your customers happier and your business more profitable. If you haven’t already embraced the flood of great software in the sales market, it’s time to start. Here are some […]

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TELUS Business Connect is an all-in-one communications platform that integrates your phone system and wireless devices so you can manage your business from your desktop, office phone and mobile devices. Your cloud-based VoIP service can be customized for your team so they can go anywhere and always stay connected. The Telus Business Connect Features A […]

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