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Telephone systems have been around for decades. However, many businesses are making the transition to VoIP phone systems to take advantage of its many features beyond call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, and remote operation. There are many advantages of such web-based call centers that can add immense value to your enterprise and facilitate greater communication […]

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Most business managers align themselves to the idea of implementing a VoIP phone system because it has one primary attractive feature: cost savings when compared to traditional phone lines and data transfer. However, when folks get a chance to dig into the details of all that VoIP can offer, the strategic benefits begin to appear. […]

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Success, most of us have heard, is hard. We’ve read about Bill Gates’s insane hours when starting Microsoft, gossiped about Elon Musk’s divorces (and plenty of other founders’ rocky personal lives), and discussed the psychological cost of entrepreneurship. Listen to enough of these tales of exhaustion and trouble and it’s easy to assume that getting […]

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Your smartphone has evolved from a simple communication tool to a do-it-all digital device. Need proof? This one pocked-sized device is also your camera and camcorder, GPS navigation unit, step-counting pedometer, web browser, gaming system, music player, ebook reader, language translator, flashlight, and digital wallet. Phew! But to quote infomercial guru Ron Popeil: “But wait, […]

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In order to grow their business and thrive, financial advisors need to communicate with prospects and clients and develop relationships with them. The ultimate goal is for financial advisors to gain the trust of their clients to build loyalty throughout the customer journey. That’s why financial advisors are beginning to mimic the marketing efforts of […]

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The internet is the most competitive marketplace on earth where thousands of companies and professionals compete for visibility on search engines. Their visibility produces traffic for their websites. A percentage of the traffic becomes qualified prospects for their advice and services. What follows are five marketing tips for financial advisors that will help improve your […]

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Businesses switch to a cloud phone system for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the relatively large investment required for a new PBX, you may be living with a phone system that lacks the capabilities and flexibility to support rapid growth or business agility. Or you may be dealing with the […]

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