Entrepreneurs embracing digital phone technology


Landline telephones were once the only game in town. But busy entrepreneurs are discovering that voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) phones are offering additional choice and greater flexibility, while helping them become more competitive.

“Small business owners are spending more time working at home and on the road,” says Craig Thornton, director of product marketing at Telus. “Limiting themselves to just a landline or dialing into voice mail several times a day may not provide the responsiveness they want associated with their business. Connecting with the right customer when they call can change the entire trajectory of your business — instead of someone else’s.”

VoIP is suited to a broad suite of equipment from smartphones to tablets, desktops, laptops and desk phones, which allows entrepreneurs to receive calls on any of the devices or all of them simultaneously.


“Wherever you choose to take a call, from a coffee shop, to your cottage, to the south of France, your clients perceive you as being in the office ready to do business,” says Thornton.

“Years ago, making sure all of these solutions operated seamlessly pretty much required you to enter the realms of the professional telco guy who would do the programming for you,” says Thornton. “Telus Business Connect has done the hard work already by providing a ready-made digital platform hosted in the cloud. For the customer, managing their phone system is now so intuitive, it’s entered the realm of self-service.”

VoIP account features are cloud-based, so costs are shared by all customers and top-level service packages can be offered at competitive prices. Services can also be seamlessly upgraded in the background at no cost to customers. Among current Business Connect offerings: a toll-free and main local business number; unlimited calling across Canada and the United States using the Business Connect solution; recorded greetings, auto attendant and voicemail; audio and video conferencing anytime from anywhere; and IP fax capability to send and receive documents digitally, to name a few.

Even if office Internet services are disrupted, customers can purchase a Smart Hub from Telus to ensure uninterrupted service over the Telus LTE network. A free app included with Business Connect ensures that calls are directed to smartphones and tablets.

Thornton notes some entrepreneurs who have been reluctant to switch to VoIP may have been imprinted with early memories of pioneering digital phone technology.

“VoIP has been with us for a number of years and since its inception, the ubiquity, the bandwidth and the quality of Internet access has grown exponentially,” he says. Picking up the phone, there should be no noticeable difference in audio quality between a VoIP call and one made on a landline.”

Small businesses are trending toward VoIP both as a productivity booster and cost-cutter, Thornton says. The earliest adopters will be the first to see a competitive advantage.

“Over the next three to five years, we expect small businesses will make a mass migration to VoIP as they look for a boost to the bottom line,” he says.

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What is Business Connect ?

The TELUS Business Connect™ solution is a mobile and office cloud phone system designed to make sure you never miss a call. TELUS Business Connect™ is a premium small business VoIP phone system that allows you to easily manage calls – on your computer, mobile phone, or at your desk – and connect your team from anywhere.


Be available:
Give your customers one number to reach you in the office, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Scale your business:
Add new numbers easily, with local area codes everywhere you operate.

Manage cash flow:
Minimize start-up costs with no contracts and low upfront investment versus a traditional office phone system

Your cloud-based VoIP service can be customized for your team so they can go anywhere and always stay connected.

With three plans to choose from, there’s a complete communications solution fit for your business. All with no contract.

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