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Outbound Fax Settings Outbound Fax Settings is where you can change the information for your outbound fax. Here, you can edit the cover page information and the emails permitted to send faxes. Cover page info This section will allow you to edit your cover page information. A cover page should contain information about the sender […]

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The Company Numbers section of your online account, lists all the numbers in your Business Connect account. This article will give you an overview about Company Numbers. Company Caller ID Company Number Edit Additional Numbers Company Caller ID This is the name that will appear as your caller ID when making calls. This must be […]

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How to Caller ID Outbound with TELUS Business Connect. Get your TELUS Business Connect Solution at Wireless City. Wireless City offers TELUS Business Connect, a Cloud based VoIP Phone System that allows you to easily manage calls, host audio and video conferences, set up call routing and more – all from your office phone, computer, […]

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How to Call Forwarding, Call Handling and Forwarding with TELUS Business Connect. Get your TELUS Business Connect Solution at Wireless City. Wireless City offers TELUS Business Connect, a Cloud based VoIP Phone System that allows you to easily manage calls, host audio and video conferences, set up call routing and more – all from your […]

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Connect with your team and customers to easily manage calls, host audio and video conferences, and more with TELUS Business Connect a cloud-based business VoIP solution. You’ve put a lot into building up your business. Now are you risking it all because you can’t answer the phone when customers call. With TELUS Business Connect you […]

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Harness the power of the Internet to easily manage calls, host audio and video conferences, setup call routing and more – all from your office phone, computer, smartphone or tablet with TELUS Business Connect at Wireless City Inc. Key features One main business number works across multiple devices to ensure customers can reach your team […]

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Thinking about using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your business but hesitating? Hopefully it’s not because you’re afraid of quality, security, cost, or complexity—these are mere myths, no longer true with today’s VoIP. Here’s the truth about VoIP. 1. VoIP sound and/or video quality is bad! A decade ago, this was true. The internet […]

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Telephone systems have been around for decades. However, many businesses are making the transition to VoIP phone systems to take advantage of its many features beyond call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, and remote operation. There are many advantages of such web-based call centers that can add immense value to your enterprise and facilitate greater communication […]

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Landline telephones were once the only game in town. But busy entrepreneurs are discovering that voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) phones are offering additional choice and greater flexibility, while helping them become more competitive. “Small business owners are spending more time working at home and on the road,” says Craig Thornton, director of product marketing at Telus. […]

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