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Wireless City Inc: Delivering advanced, affordable VoIP for the healthcare industry. A VoIP business phone system needs to help you do more than answer calls. With our VoIP Phone Solution “TELUS Business Connect”, you can connect staff and patients in minutes, respond faster, have patient data at your fingertips from your office or from your […]

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VoIP PBX Phone System for Transportation & Logistics Companies at Wireless City Inc. Mobile and VoIP communications are a necessity for transportation and other logistics companies with responsibilities to keep both office staff and drivers connected. Client satisfaction is greatly impacted by accurate tracking of business operations. The unique requirements of firms in the transportation […]

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TELUS Business Connect provide a single solution for businesses, which includes a full bundle of communications capabilities; offering complete voice, fax, and audio and video conferencing – all accessible from desktop devices and apps available for mobile phones. Now businesses can stay connected to their customers, in the office or on the go – to […]

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Today’s business necessities are changing. The rapid adoption of smartphones and the need to support distributed workforces make traditional on premise phone systems obsolete. TELUS Business Connect provide a single solution for businesses, which includes a full bundle of communications capabilities; offering complete voice, fax, and audio and video conferencing – all accessible from desktop […]

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Do business anywhere with TELUS Business Connect. TELUS Business Connect allows you to keep talking business even when you’re outside your business. The TELUS Business Connect solution is more than an ordinary office phone. TELUS Business Connect is an integrated phone solution that bundles phone, data, and video into one unified service, that allows you […]

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If you asked the world’s most successful business leaders what it means to “be strategic,” how many different answers do you think you’d get? Consider this number: 115,800,000. It’s the number of unique links returned when I searched online for “strategic leadership.” There’s a good reason for all of those links: Strategy is complex. Thought […]

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Now, even when you’re out of the office, you can still be close to your customers as if you’re in the office. With a VoIP Phone solution, you can answer the call, anytime, anywhere. A VoIP Phone Solution lets you keep working wherever you go. You’re at an internet café and get an important business […]

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