Learn how cloud technology can help your business

Ad September 19th, 2016

Learn how cloud technology can help your business

TELUS Business Connect™ is a premium small business VoIP phone system that allows you to easily manage calls – on your computer, mobile phone, or at your desk – and connect your team from anywhere.

TELUS Business Connect™ is an innovative, and reliable cloud-based phone system, that can help your business optimize its business communications with voice, fax, call handling, and mobile apps capability. Now your desk phones and smart phones can work together, and all your offices and employees can be connected and available at your fingertips. And it’s as easy to manage your entire communications system as it is to set it up.

Cloud-based phone solutions are designed for business owners who:

Have no need or desire to own and maintain equipment
Want calling features that are accessible from anywhere
Want to avoid large upfront investments, and easily manage cash flow
Want simple solution that doesn’t require additional IT staff
Need one solution for several business locations

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