The best rugged phones, Sonim XP5

Ad October 11th, 2016

The best rugged phones, Sonim XP5

Whether you work in the field, spend time on the road, or are just one of those klutzy types, many of today’s devices are designed for those who require tougher tech.

And we’re not just talking smartphones that can withstand bumps, knocks and drops, but they must also be able to handle Canada’s varying temperatures throughout the year – from sweltering summers to teeth-chattering winters, and everything in between. Rugged phones are also waterproof in case it rains, snows, or is dropped in liquid for a short period of time.

These durable devices also let you conduct your business wherever that may be, whether it’s an extra loud speaker so you can hear your coworkers while working near machinery, touchscreens that work with thick gloves, or a handy Push-To-Talk button on the side for TELUS Link, a walkie-talkie-like feature, for effortless communication.

Wireless City offers an assortment of rugged phones, in a variety of form factors, including the
Sonim XP5.

Those who prefer physical buttons, a smaller glove-enabled screen, and a super-tough device that can take a beating, the Sonim XP5 ($200 on 2-year term) is an ideal pick for all of the aforementioned reasons, and more.

Backed by Sonim’s same extensive 3-year warranty, as found in the XP7 – the only warranty in the industry that protects against accidental damage, so you never have to worry about replacing a cracked or damaged phone again – the XP5 offers modest smartphone features, but still supports 4G/LTE and PTT, plus it offers double the battery life of the just-launched Kyocera DuraXE.

In the rugged department, the XP5 goes above and beyond IP68, IP69 and other industry certifications, to guarantee a phone that’s resistant to anything a demanding job site can throw at it — including oil, chemicals, drops, punctures, water submersion, vibrations, and more.

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