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  VoIP calls can be made on the Internet using a VoIP service provider and standard computer audio systems. Alternatively, some service providers support VoIP through ordinary telephones that use special adapters to connect to a home computer network. VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you […]

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Of the many shortcomings of traditional PBX systems, their lack of adequate disaster recovery and business continuity may be the most serious. On-site legacy systems are not designed to provide continuous connectivity in the event of outages from natural disasters and other events. For example, disruptions due to aging PBX infrastructure components, transportation strikes, and […]

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When it comes to gauging the effectiveness of business communications, traditional PBX implementations leave you in the dark. They offer little in the way of reporting or analysis. For starters, the fragmented, proprietary nature of these patchwork systems makes it very difficult to perform analysis. What scant insights you can extract from legacy technology are […]

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In today’s hyper-connected world, employees demand an entirely new realm of communication features that last century’s PBX systems were never designed to support. Consider mobility. According to a 2015 study conducted by Citrix and Forrester, 85% of employees use a mobile device for work. That figure will only grow in coming years. And yet most […]

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Traditional communications platforms are too rigid to accommodate growth. As businesses undergo mergers and acquisitions, move offices, launch new international locations, and hire new teleworkers, your communications must be able to adapt quickly. Regrettably, that’s not an option with on-premises PBX. Scaling services on these systems can be slow, laborintensive, and expensive, involving countless nests […]

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Most legacy communications systems are comprised of separate solutions for essential capabilities—often involving multiple vendors. A typical system might include a PBX for core call control, and different solutions for services such as instant messaging (IM), directory/Presence, web collaboration, video conferencing, and contact center solutions. Even companies hoping to centralize communications on one vendor, such […]

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Today, most business owners understand the benefits of the cloud. They use cloud storage applications to house important files, host their CRM (customer relationship management) platforms in the cloud, and even use cloud-based project management tools to complete everyday tasks. But, many businesses still hesitate when it comes to making the switch to a VoIP […]

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VoIP has become increasingly popular in the recent years because it allows for increased mobility, provides additional features and fewer costs. You can forward your calls anywhere there’s an internet connection. That means you can connect phone calls to virtual team members who may be working at remote locations without the expense of long distance […]

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Not the great debate of the last decade, but something business owners and entrepreneurs ask every day when buying phone service. So what exactly is the difference between VoIP and landline telephone service? A lot of people aren’t sure what VoIP is or how it differs from a traditional phone service. Although there are some […]

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